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Connect with Nature: Visit our Parks

Join the Baseball Tradition at
Richie Ashburn Field in downtown Tilden

Richie Ashburn Field in Tilden, Nebraska is a baseball field named after the legendary Major League Baseball player, Richie Ashburn. Richie Ashburn was born in Tilden, Nebraska, and he went on to have a successful career as a center fielder primarily for the Philadelphia Phillies. The field named in his honor, Richie Ashburn Field, is a local baseball field that serves as a gathering place for the community to enjoy and play the sport. This park (located in downtown Tilden,  the heart of the community) also features the local swimming pool and playground facilities.

Aerial view of Richie Ashburn park in Tilden.
Playground equipment at Richie Ashburn park in Tilden
Swimming pool at Richie Ashburn park
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