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What is LOIS? Location One Information Systems

LOIS (Location One Information Systems) is an online database and economic development software platform that provides information and tools to assist businesses and site selectors in their location decision-making processes. It offers comprehensive data on available commercial properties, demographics, workforce, and other relevant information for various regions and communities.

LOIS serves as a centralized hub where economic development organizations can showcase their communities and attract potential businesses. The platform allows users to search for available sites and properties based on specific criteria such as size, zoning, and infrastructure. It provides detailed profiles and reports on each property, including maps, photos, and contact information for further inquiries.

In addition to property information, LOIS also offers demographic data, industry analysis, and labor force statistics, enabling businesses to assess the potential of a particular location. It may include information on population, income levels, education, transportation, and other factors relevant to the decision-making process.

To access the most recent Tilden, Nebraska LOIS data and information, please visit the site and explore the resources available as they apply to our economic development and growth efforts in many ways. 

The LOIS site includes the option to print a brochure with profile information about our Community. The recent version of this document is provided for reference below to give you a taste of some of the interesting and useful information this tool offers as we plan for the future of Tilden. 

LOIS tilden NE Population

Tilden Population Data

LOIS Tilden NE Housing and Employment

Tilden Housing

& Employment

LOIS Tilden brochure page 3

Tilden Education Data

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