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Enjoy Exploring Our Parks

Tilden, Nebraska enjoys three distinct parks: Sunrise Park, Richie Ashburn Park, and Horseshoe Park. Each park offers its own unique attractions and recreational opportunities, making Tilden a delightful destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

closeup of gravel on the Cowboy Trail in Tilden
Cowboy Trail Adventure: Nature's Beauty& Heartwarming Hospitality

Explore the Cowboy Trail, a scenic pathway that traverses the northern part of Nebraska. Along the trail, you'll be treated to scenic views that showcase the natural beauty of our region.

Information sign about the Cowboy Trail in Tilden, Near
Bridge on the cowboy trail in Tilden, NE
milkweed sign on the Cowboy Trail in Tilden, NE

Sunrise Park/Camping, this park on the east edge of downtown serves as a place for campers to settle along the Cowboy Trail with facilities to make your stay enjoyable. Plus, encounter friendly locals who embody the authentic spirit of our community, making your journey even more memorable.

Aerial view of Sunrise Park in Tilden, Nebraska
Camper host at Sunrise Park in Tilden, Nebraska
Sunrise Park information sign
Baseball, Swimming, and Community Gathering in West Downtown Tilden

Richie Ashburn Park is located on the west edge of downtown near several other amenities in town. This nostalgic ball field is adjacent to the City Swimming Pool and the City Auditorium which is available to rent at very reasonable rates. This is a great space for a family reunion with swimming for the kids, a family game of softball, and a place to serve your meal. 

Richie Ashburn park entrance signs
Aerial view of Richie Ashburn park
Aerial view of Tilden City Auditorium and Senior Center
Wet grass
Baseball, Disc Golf, and Lots of Room to Play  and Explore at Horseshoe Park

Horseshoe Park features a newly updated ball field and plenty of open space to explore. The park also hosts our disc golf park, cleverly designed to make the most of the available space. Meander through the park and enjoy a leisurely game of disc golf. It's a fun and active way to reconnect with the outdoors and unwind.

Aerial View of Horseshoe Park in Tilden
person throwing a frisbee disc
Dogs retrieving a frisbee disc
Person with frisbee golf discs

​ ​ For more recreational activities and things to do in the surrounding areas, the TMG Foundation website has some additional places to explore and experience in our region. Area Recreation

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