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New 2 U Community Thrift: Secondhand Shopping
Meets First-Class Generosity!

Experience the magic of New 2 U Community Thrift, located at 113 East 2nd Street in Tilden. This one-of-a-kind thrift store, fueled by the spirit of community, radiates warmth and goodwill. Unlike your ordinary thrift store, New 2 U is a place of compassion, entirely run by a dedicated team of volunteers who put their hearts into every task.


Since inception, New 2 U Community Thrift has become a beacon of hope and support for the Tilden community and beyond. By weaving profits back into the community, New2U has been able to help many individuals, causes, and organizations. To date, benevolent contributions have surpassed $150,000, amplifying the impact of worthy initiatives and lending a helping hand to those in need.

New 2 U thrift store front sign

Stop in and explore the treasures of New2U Community Thrift, where every visit is an opportunity to create positive change. 


113 East 2nd Street, Tilden, NE 68781


(402) 368-5657


Tuesday thru Friday: 10am - 5pm 

Saturday: 10am - 1pm

Closed on Monday and Sunday

We sincerely appreciate the volunteer service of our current New 2 U Board of Directors as well as the many volunteers who participate in this special community project by working in the store or by donated merchandise as another way to give back and enrich our Community. 

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Tilden New 2 U Thrift Store Front
New 2 U current board members
collectible treasures found at the thrift store, vintage items
Volunteers working at New 2 U thrift store in Tilden
clothing hanging on rack in the thrift store
clothing section in the New 2 U Tilden thrift store
books on a shelf at New 2 U Thrift Store
Kids section at the New 2 U thrift store in Tilden
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