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Meeting Tilden's Housing Demands

Tilden recognizes the need for housing options that meet the needs of its residents and support economic development. Surveys and planning processes have emphasized the importance of housing for the city's future growth. To address these needs, Tilden is focusing on affordable housing, increasing housing availability, and improving overall housing quality

Housing issues have affected businesses' ability to hire and retain employees in Tilden, with rental housing availability being a significant concern. Recent housing developments, such as the Meadow Bend subdivision and downtown redevelopment, have made progress in addressing these needs. However, we are working ofurther action to fully meet the demand for housing in Tilden and support the city's economic growth.

Housing Resources

Prairie View Assisted Living

 100 South Pine Street, Tilden, NE 68781

 (402) 368-2250

Tilden Housing Authority

 600 S. Giles Creek Lane, Tilden, NE 68781

 (402) 368-7714

Real Estate Agencies

John Temme Auction & Real Estate

Stan Schapmann

 300 East 1st Street, Tilden, NE 68781

 Office: (402) 368-5945;

Stan Schapmann: (402) 928-0145

ERA Real Estate - Dave Renner (Tilden)

 1700 Market Lane, Norfolk, NE 68701

 (402) 750-0849

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